The Glow That Illumines, and the Glare That Obscures


Choker: I actually got a tiny piece of this fake diamond material at Michaels. I stuck a shoe lace through the ends and tied it around my neck. Ghetto, I know. Shaking my head. But, with my hair down you can’t even notice. (If anyone wants a tutorial on it lmk)

Make-up: Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Palette and King K Metal lip

Top: This is actually an under-tank from one of my mothers sheer shirts hahahaha. But, they have a bunch of silk tanks at Forever 21.

Bralette: My bralette is from Victoria’s Secret.

Belt: This belt is actually from my grandmothers closet. It belonged to my late grandfather. I wear this belt with almost anything and statement belts are my favorite. You can get a similar belt at any thrift shop. Good Will has the best clothing (just hard to find, kinda like Forever 21 amirite.)

Skirt: This amazing denim skirt is from Pacsun.

Shoes: Thigh high boots from Charlotte Rousse


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