A Costume for Every Night of Halloweek (all from inside your closet)

Halloween was always such an exciting time of year as a kid. Dressing up as your favorite princess or super hero, hanging out with your friends until dusk and because this was the one time of year that  Mom and Dad let you have as much candy as you want. But now you’re in college and the excitement still hasn’t changed. (Maybe you’re even a little more excited) Except this time you’re not walking house to house getting a tan of candy from the old people in your neighborhood. In college, we walk frat to frat getting a ton of drinks, shots, haircuts and y-bombs. In college, we don’t dress like Princess Jasmine not because she’s our favorite princess but because you know you’ll look cute af in a sexy genie outfit. For me, at FSU, Halloween isn’t just one day. Halloweek is a week full of crushes and themed parties that you just cannot miss. So instead of paying big bucks for an outfit for every night of the week, here are 8 Halloween outfits you can find in your closet. Don’t buy costumes.. save your money for more important things (like alcohol). Enjoy!!!

1. Angel

(Dollar Tree: $1 halo)

2. Devil
(Dollar tree: $1 horns)

3. Deer 

(Dollar tree: $1 antlers) 

4: School Girl

(Good Will: $5 tie)

5: Hippie

(Charlotte Rousse: $5 round sunnies)

6: Vampire

(Accessorize with dark makeup and a dark red lip)

7: Hobo

(Cut up the t-shirt with scissors and use brown eyeshadow to give yourself a dirty look)

8: Football Player

(If you go to FSU you have an oversized jersey, or at least know someone who does. Use black eyeliner for lines on your cheeks)


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