25 Things I Learned During My Summer In NYC

  1. Fashion is definitely my passion
  2. I work best in fast paced situations
  3. The ones who have your back is not always your family
  4. I finally overcame my struggle with passive and active voice
  5. Constructive criticism is super important
  6. Sleep is for the weak
  7. Sometimes you need to be selfish in order to get the best out of an experience (most of the time)
  8. You have to make the most out of every opportunity you can get
  9. Never quit something you have already started
  10. Happy Hour is a must
  11. Because I have such bad memory, always always always take notes
  12. Take life as a competition, you’re always going to be compared to someone
  13. Leave your mark wherever you go
  14. You can never have too much coffee
  15. For every task you’re given, give it your all (even if it feels like it’s a waste of time)
  16. An avocado can go with every meal
  17. Always think outside the box
  18. Being trendy is wack, express yourself, be different
  19. The more you value yourself the more others will value you as well
  20. You are who you surround yourself with
  21. Always be true to yourself
  22. Always be welcoming and bubbly all the time, you never know who you’ll meet
  23. Don’t be afraid to say your opinion
  24. Always take charge when the opportunity is given
  25. Dream Big!!!

New York has been such an amazing experience and since today is my last work day of the summer I thought I’d share a few things I learned during my time here. I hope you all soon get to experience a feeling of such content and satisfaction that I have experienced this summer. I’m destined for great things and this summer was just the beginning!


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