Why I Meditate Everyday

Ever since entering college two years ago I have found myself more stressed than a 20 year old should be. My mind is constantly flooded with assignments, tests, meetings, upcoming articles, events and I somehow try to squeeze my social life in the mix. But what I’ve come to realize is that the problem is me. I am just not capable of taking a break. I am the kind of person that needs to be on her feet 24/7 or else I feel like I’m missing out on something or I feel like I could use my time more productively. Last semester I was juggling 4 classes, a job, writing two article a week and an internship. Midway through I broke down. I had my first anxiety attack and I realized I wasn’t capable of taking on that many tasks.

A friend of mine told me that she meditates everyday for around 20 minutes. I took her advice and realize that it helps so much. Just 20 minutes can completely turn my day around. 20 minutes for me to think about nothing but me. 20 minutes to put my crazy hectic life on pause. From meditating everyday I’ve learned that

It’s okay to miss out on plans

– I always feel like I can’t miss a beat. But there will always be more parties, socials, lunches etc. to go to.

It’s okay to say no

– Sometimes you need to think about the stuff you need to get done instead of helping people with what they need to get done. I’m a people pleaser and I don’t know how to say no when someone asks me to do something. I would have 2893573 on my agenda for the day but if someone needs a ride, wants to go out somewhere or anything like that I’ve realized that saying no is okay. Theres no need to cram your day with unnecessary events.

It’s okay to not have a packed schedule

-I love keeping busy and for me that usually means joining 37 clubs and going to every event I’m invited to. I used to HATE having nothing to do and just chilling in my apartment for a day. It would drive me crazy!! But, from meditating I’ve realized that since my life is hectic and I like being involved in a million and two things a Saturday or Sunday without any plans is so crucial. I use that time to paint, read a book do laundry or just nap to be honest. Meditating has made me such a happier person. Just 20 minutes of you-time a day literally can turn your life around.


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