My transition from a southern girl to a city chick 

I am currently on a bus right now on my way to the train station. Squished between an Asian man snoring like he’s in his deepest slumber and a Hispanic lady screaming on her phone into my ear.

Before I left my grandma gave me the lecture: “don’t look anyone in the face”, “don’t be on your phone” (I’m on it right now.. Oops”, “look alive” and we’ll you get the point. Today I start my internship with Avenue Magazine in NYC. I am pumped don’t get me wrong but I have no idea what to expect. So here I am running to catch the bus, waiting to approach the train station to hop on the 4 bus, transfer to the 6 bus, to get off on 18th street. If you’re not from the city like me that sounds like another language. I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Anyways, stay tuned as I share with you my journey through the city!

LASTELY follow me on Instagram to see all the amazing pictures from trips this summer: bianca_j


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