How to kill your group interview

One-on-one interviews are nerve racking enough, so imagine being interviewed in a group of people who are all competing for the same position. The tension… the pressure.. You have to somehow steal the spotlight. I recently partook in a group interview and here are a few things I have learned

  • Always stand up when you shake your interviewers hand
  • Nice, firm handshake
  • Always smile
  • Compliment your interviewer on something like her nails, clothes, etc.
  • Always keep eye contact
  • It’s okay to brag
  • Do as much talking as you can
  • Make sure to do research on the company
  • Be the first to answer questions
  • Find a common interest with your interviewer on something besides the job/internship
  • Stress how much you want the position
  • Ask questions at the end
  • Send a thank you email after your interview

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