How to prepare for going home the first time since college

The transition from high school to college is such a rollercoaster. The first semester there your feelings are all over the place like, “I have no friends, no one likes me here!” to, “Oh my gosh, I LOOOOVEEEEE college! It’s so much FUNNNNN” to, “I’m just tired of sleeping through my 8am and I am SO tired of Roman. I need my mom!!!!”

I asked students how they would describe their transition from high school to college and Isabelle R. responded, “It was really difficult for me because I didn’t have that steady, constant source of company that I had back home with family and an already established group of friends.” Another student, Alyssa W., answered my question with, “It was the sh**.” As you can see this life experience is different for everyone, but I am here to help you prepare for that first trip home after coming to college

  1. First off, it’s the happiest moment of your life getting out of your last class before Thanksgiving break and realizing you have no responsibilities for a few extra days. You’re so excited to hug your mom and dad, your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend or even your dog.
  2. Oh, make sure you binge watch your current Netflix addiction because once you’re home you’ll never be able to have time to watch it between you being overwhelmed with how much time your best friend want to spend with you and how much time your parents want to spend with you.
  1. Be prepared to be sort of behind and out of the loop. The friends you may have had or the people you were just cool with might no longer be your friend or might no longer be cool with you. It’s just part of the process of leaving home. You will quickly realize who your real friend was always and who wasn’t.
  2. You’re not even going to care though because coming home means no more Roman Noodles or microwave dinner; coming home means lasagna, rice and beans, mac and cheese, pork chops and all other delicious types of food your mom is going to make for you once you get home.
  1. Say goodbye to 2 A.M. Gumby’s runs with your roommates and sleeping in. Say hello to early nights in because your mom can’t sleep until you’re home and chores again.
  2. The five minutes it once took you to do the dishes at school now will take you fifteen minutes to do with all the extra dishes.
  3. You will realize slowly but surely that the only homesickness that exists in your life from this point on is being homesick of Tallahassee.

College is definitely way different than high school. Going away to college means growing up, having responsibilities, learning how to balance and discovering yourself. So have fun this thanksgiving break and don’t forget to prepare!



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