A Day In The Life of Erica Maltz: All things NYFW

12697250_10207480119815422_8268121992553261927_oWith her busy week interning as a freelancer for Women’s Wear Daily during New York Fashion Week, Erica Maltz stepped aside from her busy schedule in New York to speak with me about her experience during New York Fashion Week.

Me (B): Being only 19 years old how have you been able to sit front row and participate in New York Fashion Week?

Erica Maltz (EM): This is actually my second New York Fashion Week. Last season I worked with IMG Digital Media at Lincoln Center. So basically, I helped them with seating and making the venue move smoothly. I’ve interned quite a bit in New York before these jobs which is how I was able to be hired. I was a freelancer this season for Women’s Wear Daily and I helped generate social media content. My photos were featured on the photographers Twitter and Instagram.

B: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

EM: I mean it’s an amazing experience being in this environment and being able to network with all people in this industry. Everything is changing in the fashion world so you know just to meet people and learn what they do and they’ll give you tips or set you up with someone to get you in position. That the best thing that I’ve taken away from New York Fashion Week because you meet people from all over the world and in so many different industries. Every industry is involved from film to production to fashion to entertainment. I want to pursue something in the entertainment or fashion industry or somewhere entertainment meets fashion technology.

B: Have you had any failures when pursuing a job?

EM: Absolutely, last summer I was working with Alexander McQueen. I was hired to work with PR and Marketing but they had a huge overturn and everyone was fired, including me. I had an apartment and everything in New York and I ultimately had to find myself a new job. I ended up finding two internships with DEERDANA and Ports1961. I also did a freelance shoot with Vogue Stylist, Ahnna Lee for Departures magazine. We styled the US Men’s Soccer Team for the September menswear spread.

B: Do you have any advice for young women hoping to pursue goals in the fashion industry?

EM: Absolutely, try to involve yourself in as many opportunies as possible. You have to be a hustler. The more exposure you get in the industry the farther you’ll go. Interning is key, apply to as many things as possible. Through interning you can start to hone in on what exactly you wnt to do and do great networking. Also, be flexible.

As a business major here at The Florida State University Erica has to explain to her teachers that her frequent travels to The Big Apple are helping out with her education and how her classes relate to her experience. She makes sure to always turn in make-up work. During this season Erica attended fashion shows and assisted the photographer with their content. As well as generate content for Women’s World Daily by taking photos of the pieces on the runway while sitting front row as well as any street style or intriguing photos.



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