7 Times Raven Symone was inspiring AF

1. Let’s face it, we all wish we could impersonate our moms just as well as Raven didtumblr_m52fhulrrz1r5jtugo1_400

2. We all were jealous of how Raven was able to accessorize and make anything she had to wear cute AFthats-so-raven-school-uniforms

3. Gotta love Rae’s positive outlook on love lifeSummarize-1432230021

4. She was able to make science… well fun!tumblr_mgbhu1Fq2n1s0oixxo1_500

5. Remember when Raven designed a dress for a fashion show and Victoria told her she wasn’t good enough to model it because she wasn’t a size 2. Raven lets her have it!tumblr_mfvrbdLEj61rk1jelo1_500

6. Trees are important, ok. Remember how inspiring Raven, Chelsea and Eddie were when they didn’t want Old Oaky to be cut down.tumblr_m949g6Mk1w1qfl0pio1_500

7. Remember when Raven and Chelsea decided to be the bigger person and make a truce with Alana, Muffy and Loca so she invited them to a slumber party.tumblr_mbgf89VdLI1rxbaoto1_r1_500


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