Too hot, hot damn!

Every girl needs a red hot crop top in their closet, just like this one from Cymonne's, one of my favorite shops in South Florida. This is the Love Me top and it goes perfect with a skirt or even flare jeans. It's vibrant and so comfortable. Get yours while they're still available!!


Dope Dilirium

This style is perfect for the beginning of Fall when it's not too hot but not too cold. Every single clothing item below is are vintage pieces from thrift shops (except the adidas)! I love this effortless yet completely edgy look. Perfect for a day around town, a shopping trip or a casual nighttime look!

The Glow That Illumines, and the Glare That Obscures

Choker: I actually got a tiny piece of this fake diamond material at Michaels. I stuck a shoe lace through the ends and tied it around my neck. Ghetto, I know. Shaking my head. But, with my hair down you can't even notice. (If anyone wants a tutorial on it lmk) Make-up: Kylie Cosmetics Holiday … Continue reading The Glow That Illumines, and the Glare That Obscures